Serial port communication in Windows 7 using Hyper-terminal and Putty

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Windows
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  1. Anonymous says:

    dis is amazing,,,keep it up,,,u doing a gr8 job!!1

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes! well done my problems are sorted

  3. Anonymous says:

    How to transfer file through putty between your host and target? Thanks

  4. maheesh says:

    thank u sir

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello everybody,
    yes I could connect to my device both with putty and with hyperterminal, i am using a usb-adapter and i have only the problem that i can not read at all the text shown on the screen, i read and see only special signs.
    what do you think that i have to change
    best greetings

  6. Anonymous says:

    I need a terminal program that will allow me to see the data stream coming in from a USB device plugged into a USB port on my window 7 PC. Is there such a thing?


  7. tim says:

    Is there a free program that will allow me to see the hex data from a device plugged into a USB port. Not sure how to do this task. Can you help!

  8. says:

    Hi, Please can you guide me how can i connect wight balance machine rs232 with PC and get auto weight on my computer screen

    • HI,

      First check whether your PC has a serial port or not.

      If not then you have to use an USB to RS232 converter cable.

      Install the driver from the cd of USB-2-RS232 converter into your PC.
      It’s provide a virtual serial port to use.
      Now connect RS232 part to your device and USB part to your PC.

      Power up the weight machine and open a hyper-terminal or any other serial port utility or software provided by the machine vendor and start the communication.

      Configure serial port properties according the user manual of your weight machine. To know about serial port settings read the full post.

      Hope it’ll help you.

      Have a nice day!!!

  9. says:

    ya it’s connected through serial port only but not able to read the data.

  10. Manuel says:

    Hi. Thank you for the article.
    I need to send a File over serial port, but I think it’s impossible with putty becasuse this program don’t have some menu for this action, it’s true?


    • Hi Manuel,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Putty does not have that option.
      If you are using windows then use hyper terminal(download it form the link given in the article) and in linux you can use “minicom”.
      Minicom also ha option for file transfer but I did not use it personally so i might not be able to tell you about it in detail.

  11. dheeraj sachdeva says:

    i am not able to write any thing sir

  12. Nauman says:

    This is indeed a very useful post. Thanks.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Then how u done CCNA

  14. Dave says:

    I need a way to send the ASCII charictor set ie: CHR$(254) using PUTTY. In Visual Basic 6 the command is ” MSComm1.Output = Chr$ (254) “

  15. Anonymous says:

    hi, if i am typing key it is not displaying..
    please help.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ve 2 systems, system A (host – windows OS) and system B (target – windows OS). So I’ll connect a serial cable from system A to system B. From system A, I would like to go to system B – C drive, how can it be done through COM port?

  17. You can use putty, teraterm and other similar terminals for serial port communication.

  18. shu says:

    I cant set my phone no and country .
    How to set it actually
    When i type AT+CMGS=
    It say +CMS error 517
    Why this happen.

  19. Pradeep says:

    Sir I have a weighing machine,it is showing garbage values like “hhhhhhxxxx” in hypeTerminal while using Usb To Serial converter,so how to over come this problem?

  20. omdatt says:

    sir ,when i am opening hyperterminal then its showing host address and port ..???what should i use for host address and port no.

  21. omdatt says:

    sir please reply fast because my project is on 11 th july

  22. Mir says:

    Worked like a charm. Thanks bud.

  23. Vladimir says:

    Hyper terminal? Ir reminds me of dark ages of PC communications 🙂
    Why not using some more modern terminal
    for example
    with macro messages setup (even adjustable one) and scripting and all it is much much more powerful tool to develop serial port communication or simply test device.

    Of course there are many other programs but I prefer docklight since it is made so many years ago and it is still maintained and updates so I like to think it is mature an bug free 🙂

  24. I use Hyperterm to contro/read GSM modem. Is there a way [software] that can do the folowing:1. Access data from GSM modem 2. Process that data. 3. Store in Excel sheet? OS: Windows Vista

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sir I have an issue with hyperterminal… when I open up the connection type, all its showing me is TCP/IP and dont have anything for COM PORT or any other option.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you sure that you have com port? Check it in devices manager. If you do not have com port, you cannot select it.
      I know that at least docklight is providing list of only existing ports to connect.

  26. Piyush Jain says:

    I have a weigh bridge and i want to use transfer the weight to my computer screen through rs232 port but hyperterminal is not showing the weight, please help

  27. Zubair says:

    Hi Sachin
    I have gone through the post.

    I tried things around but not successful. I want to Transfer Files between the two PC’s running windows 7 64-bit using Serial Port.

    can you brief on me how to ? do we need to have application for file transfer or there is any options in windows 7 itself

  28. Anbu says:

    Hi, i have transfer file from my desktop computer( Windows 7 OS) to windows CE mobile device use serial port, but i don’t copy any file or any file which is running on windows CE device. it means no application running on windows CE mobile device. i just transfer file from desktop to windows ce device. if any one have idea please share with me. thanks

  29. azhar says:

    HOW can i check bpos full detail in TLS350 .u given last photo as putty command box,their after some commands like as ctrl+AI20100,BUT NOT RESPONDING

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